Your Twelve Sacred Relationships

Day-Long Interactive Workshop


Six Keys to Better Relationships

Free Evening Lecture


Your Twelve Sacred Relationships

An Interactive Workshop




 There are twelve archetypes that exist to help you know yourself and others.  This workshop will give anyone the experiences and insights to know these twelve relationships that are essential for harmony with the people in your life.

Learn how your inner sense of divinity expresses through your astrological modality and sign

Discover the karmic and dharmic implications of your astrology, and how it relates to your relationship with others

Enhance your understanding and use of the elements of the natural world

Unlock the power of your 12 sacred relationships, both inside and out

The Six Keys to Better Relationships

A Free Lecture

Every relationship is important.  Each one reveals who you are and what you do from day to day.

Discover keys to understand your important relationships and how easy it can be to improve them.


This FREE lecture requires no registration and is open to anyone seeking to understand their relationship, their astrology, or both!

Dates & Venues


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Free Lecture 6/5/15

This date/venue will host a FREE Six Keys to Better Relationships lecture.  No registration required; come and bring a friend!

Workshop 6/6/15

This date/venue will host the Your 12 Sacred Relationships interactive workshop.  Registration is required; please contact us to attend.

Free Lecture 6/12/15

This date/venue will host a FREE Six Keys to Better Relationships lecture.  No registration required; come and bring a friend!

Workshop 6/13/15

This date/venue will host the Your 12 Sacred Relationships interactive workshop.  Registration is required; please contact us to attend.

Workshop 6/14/15

This date/venue will host the Your 12 Sacred Relationships interactive workshop.  Registration is required; please contact us to attend.

Workshop 7/25/15

Workshop 8/8/15

Workshop 8/22/15

Workshop 9/5/15

Workshop 9/26/15

Workshop 9/27/15

Workshop 10/10/15

Workshop 10/11/15

Workshop 11/7/15

Workshop 11/8/15

Workshop 11/14/15

Workshop 12/12/15

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  • Catered Lunch
  • Complimentary Copy of Dr. Damian Nordmann’s book The Inner Secrets of Astrology


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About the Speaker

Dr. Damian Blair Nordmann is the President of the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)(3) educational and service organization headquartered in Windyville, MO, USA.  He has been teaching the Mastery of Consciousness course since 1995 and is the author of the book The Inner Secrets of Astrology and offers the day long workshop Your Twelve Sacred Relationships.  His lectures on this topic are largely based on his research into astrology and his experience teaching hundreds of students at the School of Metaphysics for over twenty years.  Dr. Damian is passionate about people and relationships, and his interactive workshop offers people deeper insight into the practical application of astrological influences.

The Book That Inspired The Workshop


The book transcends stereotypes by describing specific areas of strength and challenge that people of each sign face every day in their lives

The secrets to better understand your friends, your spouse, your lover, your boss, your co-workers, your children, and quite literally, every person you will ever meet!

Explore astrology beyond canned phrases and vague generalizations, and instead as the ancient scene that shows us where you come from, who you are now, and what your destiny may be.

“The more a person is functioning from the perspective of the soul, the more the person can use the astrological influences and imprint as a means to further evolution.”